Multimedija E Izpostavljeno E Developing, testing and promoting the future of road transport

Developing, testing and promoting the future of road transport

16. 01. 2023 | Izpostavljeno, Projects

At the end of 2022, the Multimedia Laboratory (LMMFE) team, in collaboration with REALIS and the Motorway Company of the Republic of Slovenia (DARS), successfully completed another larger and more extensive project. Despite various limitations and challenges, the collaboration with REALIS and DARS proved to be very successful, and most importantly, the final result is a school example of multimedia interdisciplinarity.

The project involved various tasks in the field of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C- ITS) and G5 technologies, including the development and testing of technical solutions, analysis of operations on the test site, measurement and analysis of the user experience, development of the user interface, as well as audio and video content for advertising presentations. C- ITS technologies complement the already established systems from ITS, which enable rapid transmission of messages and warn drivers of hazards, and also add communication between vehicles and road infrastructure to the entire process.

For the audio and video content, the team of the Multimedia Center (MMC LMMFE) planned and carried out all the steps from the conceptual design, the synopsis, the script and the record book, to the recording with different techniques and capturing different screens, to the editing of the final video. The recording took place on several recording days with the aim of presenting various technologies and systems, which enable the automatic transmission of information and thus increase safety and traffic flow on Slovenian highways, in the most popular way possible.

An important step into the future was taken primarily with the development of the user interface for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications, as well as the testing of pilot operation in a real environment and the measurement and evaluation of the user experience. In the phase of development and testing of the operation of the test setup of the C- ITS technologies, the colleagues of the LMMFE also took care of the installation of the system in the test vehicles and the appropriate connection and operation of additional devices or so called OBU units (“on board unit”), with the help of which modern G5 technologies can be used even by drivers of vehicles that do not yet support modern technologies.During the test, a comparison of the performance of the dedicated PROMET+ application, the OBU unit and the pilot CarPlay application was also performed. The PROMET+ application is also connected to the ITS system and already enables quick notification of events on the route and route planning taking the road conditions into account. LMMFE colleagues were also involved in its development. LMMFE is thus part of the development of technologies that will significantly contribute to the improvement of safety and traffic flow on Slovenian highways.

A multimedia student is leaning against a red car, holding a phone. As part of the project to develop, test and promote the future of road transport, the Multimedia Centre team has developed a user interface for Apple and Android apps.
A multimedia student is driving a car. As part of a project to develop, test and promote the future of road transport, the Multimedia Center team also tested the technology on a test track.
Two multimedia students are wearing a warning vest and filming the motorway. As part of the project to develop, test and promote the future of road transport in cooperation with DARS, the Multimedia Centre team has produced audio-video promotional and presentational content.