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International Doctoral School on Electroporation EBTT

17. 11. 2022 | Izpostavljeno, Projects

Nineteen years ago, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL FE) held its first international doctoral school entitled “Electroporation Based Technologies and Treatment”, which was started by leading scientists from UL FE in cooperation with other international universities. Ever since the second implementation of the doctoral school, it has also been supported by audio-visual support. Since 2006, the team of the Multimedia Center of the Telecommunications Laboratory (MMC LTFE) has been responsible for this. In 2014 they were reorganized into the team of the Multimedia Laboratory (MMC LMMFE). For every EBTT event, the MMC team takes care of comprehensive technical multimedia support and ongoing implementation, as well as the production of e-materials. The doctoral school takes place for a whole week from Monday to Saturday, when the participants also write the final test in the afternoon. This is precisely why it is important that all content is available to students on the digital platform on the same day.

Students of the Multimedia study program also take part in the production of content, and with the help of practical work, they get to know more aspects and areas that a multimedia engineer can perform. These include planning the implementation and setting up the system and connections, as well as content production, video mixing, sound management, direction and management of cameras and other embedded systems. In order to make the production process easier, additional customized management systems are also prepared every year, where students are introduced to programming, and after the completion of individual lectures, it is necessary to further process the recorded content, to correct any errors during recording in the “live to tape” mode, and publish final versions on the selected multimedia platform with educational content.

The preparation of the system and the execution of the EBTT thus offer new technical solutions, improvements and invaluable experiences to students every year, they can learn about the operation of the systems and the work itself first-hand on real projects.

Students, who participated in the production of content at the International Doctoral School on Electroporation EBTT, are sitting at a table with technological equipment.
Control panel for video mixing consoles, screens and other multimedia support equipment.