Multimedija E Izpostavljeno E Renovated Multimedia Hall and LMMFE Multimedia Center

Renovated Multimedia Hall and LMMFE Multimedia Center

14. 11. 2022 | Izpostavljeno, Projects

After two years of renovation, the multimedia center (MMC) of the Multimedia Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (LMMFE) reopened on November 14th, 2022. In combination with the renovation of the multimedia hall (MMD), which has been enabling the organization of multimedia-supported events at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana (UL FE) since 2005, the MMC was also completely renovated. With the renovation of the MMD, UL FE acquired a modernly equipped lecture hall, which enables advanced hybrid events to be held with comprehensive technical support.

As part of the technical renovation, the place gained in spaciousness, internal shades were added, which enable better control of the intrusion of external light, all projectors were replaced, which now allow different types of projection, from 4K projection on a 4m screen, to parallel projection of two different sources or different combinations of using canvases and blackboards at the same time. The green screen is also preserved, which allows changing the background or implementation of a virtual environment. The lighting of the hall is now carried out with LED lights, which can be dimmed at will via advanced dimmers that do not cause flickering during recording, and ambient lighting has also been added, which further improves the user experience. The room is also enriched with three screens, to which various sources can be directed as desired via the CRESTRON control system and an additional HDMI matrix switcher. The arrangement of tables and chairs is now completely flexible, thanks to the implementation of universal wiring on the walls and floor of the hall, and all tables are also equipped with electrical sockets.

The real advantage of the hall is represented by the MMC core, which consists of an advanced digital audio mixing desk, which, in addition to all audio sources from the MMD, also enables the management of all IP audio sources anywhere on UL FE. In addition to classic handheld, necktie and head-mounted wireless microphones, the hall now includes two advanced digital ceiling microphone systems, which capture sound from the entire room with the help of 22 microphones. The system, with the help of software, for management and additional processing of the signal, enables the control of incoming sound from individual directions and the elimination of noise and disturbances. In a similar way to audio, it is also possible to manage and mix different video sources, both dedicated SDI, HDMI and IP video sources via the NDI, NDI|Hx or SMPTE 2110 or SMPTE 2110 protocols. The heart of the video direction is a 4K video mixing desk with 20 inputs and four 4ME mixing effects, as well as an advanced control system for Panasonic and BirdDog PTZ cameras. The hall is also equipped with high-quality 4K robotic cameras that are operated remotely. The entire system is designed as an advanced hybrid system of the next generation, which allows the use of both classic and already established dedicated television equipment and standards, as well as the use of AV technologies based on the IP protocol.

The planning, optimization and installation of the equipment was carried out by MMC LMMFE colleagues with the help and support of the students of the Multimedia program. Due to current delays in the delivery of equipment, the entire system is not yet fully operational, however, the EBTT international doctoral school is already taking place in the first week after the opening, which will celebrate 20 years of implementation next year.

The renovated multimedia hall. There are three remotely controlled PTZ cameras on a table.
A MMC member during the installation of equipment in a communication cabinet.
A new HDMI matrix switcher installed by the Multimedia Laboratory team.