On August 8th and 9th, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is hosting an international conference entitled “THE DEAF IN THE SHADOW OF TURNING POINTS AND CHANGES OF THE 20th CENTURY: 1917-2000″, which will examine the life of the deaf from the first appearance of the communist and totalitarian government in 1917 until the collapse of these political systems and the resulting transition period until the year 2000. As part of the conference, the team of the Multimedia Center, Multimedia Laboratory (MMC LMMFE) takes care of the technical implementation, which represents an interesting challenge, as the conference takes place in a hybrid mode with many live and remote participants. The entire event is interpreted into Slovene, Croatian and international sign language, as well as translated into spoken English for all those present at a distance and Slovene spoken language for all present in the hall. The MMC team, in cooperation with the students of the multimedia study program, established a complete audio and video production system, which ensured the transmission of a composite video to the hall, which was adapted to the content, video for the screen in front of the lecturer, video for the interpreter, several different video sources for transmission to Zoom, and a composite video for transmission to the interpreters’ break room. An additional challenge was the provision of sound and additional lighting in the hall.

The opening of the conference was marked by the welcoming speeches of the representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, dr. Darja Felda, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Derk Jan Nauta, deputy mayor of the city of Ljubljana, Mr. Dejan Crnek and the vice-dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, prof. dr. Sašo Blažič.

In parallel with the events at the conference, studies of the user experience of advanced technological solutions for ensuring the accessibility of multimedia content are also taking place in the Multimedia Laboratory.

The content and program of the conference are available at the web address from Thursday, August 10th, the conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia.

A group picture of all participants and members of the organizing team standing in the lecture hall under a large projection screen with the title 11th DHI Conference.
The MMC team is sitting in a small room, filled with many computers, screens, control panels, video mixing consoles and other technical equipment.
Four members of the DHI Committee are seated in the foreground at the DHI 2022 Conference. One member is speaking into the microphone and another member is interpreting.
The lecture theatre where the DHI 2022 Conference was held. Conference participants are seated on benches. Two sign language interpreters stand on the stage and interpret under a large projection.
Members of the conference organizing committee are standing in front of the entrance to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering next to a poster advertising the 11th DHI or Deaf History International conference.
A member of the MMC team is sitting at a desk. On the computer screen, a video mixing screen is open, showing several windows with sign language interpreters and conference participants.
DHI vprasanje
Two sign language interpreters are in the foreground and two in the background at the DHI 2022 Conference on stage. One is in the middle of interpreting sign language.