Employees of the Multimedia Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and student colleagues of the laboratory from the Multimedia study program held hybrid events throughout the week as part of the Week of the University of Ljubljana.

An 8-member team under the mentorship of assistant Klemen Pečnik took care of live broadcasts on the YouTube platform and also of high-resolution video conferences via the Zoom software. A special version of this program makes it possible to obtain audio and video signals of remote participants in their original form, which, together with remote-controlled cameras and microphones in the hall, have been combined into single live broadcasts. To send most of the signals in the system, telecommunication networks and so-called “AV-over-IP” protocols such as NDI and Dante were used. Audio and video mixing was done separately for YouTube, for Zoom and for the hall where the local part of the event took place. The team also took care of the preparation of dedicated graphics of individual awardees, graphic image and comprehensive technical support. Due to the importance of the event, elements of the system were duplicated to ensure high reliability. The event was held in cooperation with the UL University Informatics Service and the UL Public Relations Service.

You can watch videos of the live broadcasts on the YouTube channel of the University of Ljubljana.

Five members of the Multimedia Laboratory are sitting at a table with computers, mixing boards and other technical equipment at the Week of the University of Ljubljana.
The Rector of the University of Ljubljana, Gregor Majdič, two members of the Rector's Office and a moderator are standing in the Chamber Hall of the Rector's Office. In front of them are two PTZ cameras.