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Virtual presentation of deficit professions

18. 09. 2021 | Projects

Within the Multimedia Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (LMMFE), Multimedia students participated in the creation of a virtual presentation of various selected professions. The idea behind the project with the Cene Štupar Public Institute included the preparation of interesting interactive content for the presentation of selected deficit professions to young people with the intention of exciting them. The final selection of professions includes multimedia engineer, farmer, mechatronic, crane operator, veterinarian, hydrologist and meteorologist, 3D printer and youth worker.

An outline scenario was first created for each profession, and then both classic 2D footage and 360° capture of interesting locations were recorded at various sites. The final videos were edited in the form of short presentations of individual courses or aspects of the chosen profession, and narrations and graphics were also added to them. All the created content was formed into individual virtual walks with the help of the 3D Vista program, and the latter were uploaded to the created initial website.

The public institution Cene Štupar now presents these careers to young people in their career center Karierni plac, which operates under their auspices, with the help of virtual reality (VR) glasses. They give young people an insight into the real work environment with the help of multimedia technologies. Presentations can be viewed on VR glasses, phone or PC.

The following professions are presented in the virtual presentation of deficit professions with the help of augmented and virtual reality: multimedia engineer, farmer, mechatronics technician, crane operator, veterinarian, hydrologist and meteorologist, 3D printer and youth worker.