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Participation of the MM team at a project in the field of Virtual Reality

26. 08. 2020 | Projects

The team of the Multimedia Laboratory (LMMFE) is participating in the European project Erasmus + VTech with the full name: Modernization of the Universities of the Western Balkans using virtual reality technologies.

The main goal of the VTECH project is to introduce the concept of virtual technologies in the universities of the Western Balkans as a tool to accelerate the modernization of universities, while contributing to the development of a knowledge-based society. By incorporating virtual technology into the academic culture of universities, the aim of this project is to increase the quality and efficiency of teaching and retaining knowledge through interactive learning methods, and thus contributing to improving knowledge and further building the digital society in the Western Balkans. The specific objectives of the project are related to the education of academic staff, the development of teaching methodologies and tools, the empowerment of students with relevant digital competences, such as the use of tools and software, and the promotion of cooperation with industry partners.

The main role of the Multimedia Laboratory team is to take care of the user experience of the developed virtual reality solutions. In the first part of the project, the LMMFE team will develop guidelines to improve the user experience in virtual worlds and conduct some training for teachers and other partners in this project. In addition to topics in the field of user experience design, the training will also include the field of making and broadcasting 360-degree video, the field of conducting user experience evaluations and the field of virtual weakness evaluations. In the second part of the project, the LMMFE team will carry out user experience evaluations of the developed virtual content and make suggestions for their optimization.

The project runs from November 2019 to November 2022, and it also involves multimedia students who help carry out demonstrations as part of the training of foreign partners. You are invited to participate.

Project website:

A multimedia student is wearing virtual reality glasses. She is interacting with the virtual environment with a smile.
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