RTV Slovenia donated an older RA 4 OB van with built-in equipment to multimedia students. The equipment of the vehicle is still in SD technology, but nevertheless it offers students invaluable experience of working with professional equipment, as the user interfaces, management and connection methods are practically very similar to more modern systems, that are used in the latest RTV SLO vehicles (HD-3 and HD-4). In addition, the entire system offers many possibilities for engineering and upgrades of RTV studio and recording equipment.

The vehicle was an addition or replacement for quite a few pieces of equipment in the framework of student projects or diploma theses:

  • establishment of 1 GB network in the vehicle with support for IP video and audio systems, and connectivity for 10 GB on the output
  • completely redesigned image capture and playback system, the old BETA cassette system has been replaced by more modern server-based recorders and players
  • the graphics system has been completely upgraded and rebuilt so that it allows remote graphics management, video playback, and the use of IP video and audio inputs and outputs in combination with SDI and composite video systems
  • As part of the diploma thesis, a study of the renovation of the tonal part of an OB van to digital architecture with the possibility of IP communication based on AES 67 / DANTE / Level of standards, is being prepared.
  • One project task, where a proposal was made for the Studio and Recording Techniques, as well as a tested system of several standard productions (combination of analog and digital technology, SD and HD technology with the possibility of scaling SD-SDI signals to HD-SDI and transition to NDI technology)
  • as part of the subject exercises, the method of performing distributed equipment management was tested – due to COVID-19 measures to limit the spread of disease, students set up a distributed system that enabled safe work at prescribed distances, the OB van overhead was expanded to 2 lecture halls.
A blue RTV Slovenia outside broadcast van with the multimedia.info sign is parked in front of FEE.