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Network technologies. A student is working with network cables.
User experience. A student is testing the user experience on her phone.
Information technologies. A student is viewing a website for ensuring communication security.
Programming. A student is programming on the computer.
Engineering. A student is studying a professional camera.
Signal processing. Signal processing machines are on a table.
Content production. A student is recording video content at an event.
Soft skills. A student is facilitating a workshop for visual design of 3D objects.


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quality knowledge

We strive to provide quality knowledge in the fields of multimedia studies.

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more women in the technical field

We want to increase the percentage of women enrolling, compared to other technical studies.

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innovative staff

Our goal is to educate innovative personnel for new industries and provide independent tracking of their recent accomplishments.

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good employability

We strive to enable good employability of graduates and their effective integration into the workforce


Multimedia on RTV SLO
Multimedia on RTV SLO

After a break of several years due to technical limitations, the first and second year students of the Multimedia program were once again able to visit the public institution RTV Slovenia. Under the...

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Link to the website of RAP-ING, Advanced automation solution provider.
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